The Story – Week 1

I don’t really understand how people can just slip out of the cinema during the middle of the movie to get popcorn or a drink.  Sorry if you are one of those people!  But I can not bear the thought of missing something important! Toilet training Kaira has made this tricky – she needed to go 3 times the last movie we watched.. and it was “The Greatest Showman”… I had already seen it but still it pained me to have to walk out 3 times in a movie!  I just don’t want to miss anything important!  For me, getting to a movie even before the trailers start is my ultimate movie watching experience.. I can get there, get myself prepared, and then I am set for the entire time until the movie ends – I don’t want to miss a bit – and if you get there early enough you can even get the middle seat of that one row where the middle of the screen is at eye level!

And that is where we all need to be for God’s story – front and centre. Because from the very beginning of God’s story, its all systems go.  Just Genesis 1:1 gets plenty done, talk about build the need…. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

 Right off the bat we find the main character in the story is not you or me.  It’s God. And the rest of The Story will unfold out of the nature and person of this character.  Just ten words in and there is enough action to leave you breathless.

 It doesn’t take long to find out what God’s great passion is. Birds?  Nope.  Animals? Not quite. Sun, moon or stars? Bright guess.  No, in Genesis 3:8 we find that God is walking in the Garden with Adam and Eve in the “cool of the day.”

 Sounds nice if you are in a hot, humid climate, doesn’t it?  And yet the “cool of the day” is not the focus. God is, and he is near.  He is right with Adam and Eve.  And he is right here with us.  His simple vision for his creation was to spend time with them every day, to take a walk with them.  God’s supreme passion is to be with us.

Perhaps you have lived your life with the idea that God is some angry cosmic kill-joy who sits in the heavens and watches you, waiting for you to make a mistake so he can zap you.  Or, you feel God is distant and doesn’t care or has simply forgotten you.

But from the beginning He has shown us this is not the case.  God wants to be with you.  He has not forgotten you.   In fact, this might be the perfect time for you to go for a walk with Him.

So, get your popcorn and drink (if indeed you can afford them nowdays!), get in early next Sunday morning, and prepare for the next instalment of God’s story – Abraham – God Builds a Nation!

–      Pete

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